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The Av-Gad Group has decades of experience in development and construction of residential projects. Av-Gad Group initiated and completed the building of hundreds of apartments in Tel Aviv, Bnei Brak, Petah Tikva, Rosh-Ha-Ayin and Tel Mond. ,The Av-Gad Group gained extensive experience in urban renewal and gentrification projects as part of the ‘TAMA Plan 38’ strengthening and renewing building structures. The Av-Gad Group specializes in complex projects that require considerable sensitivity, including projects where resident continue to live in the buildings during construction. The Av-Gad Group has the ability and the experience to initiate, plan and effectively manage these complex projects. In recent years, the Av-Gad Group has promoted sustainable planning and design, considering the environment, resulting in reduced energy consumption.

Mr. Ratzon has extensive experience in development and construction of residential projects, including large scale projects of over 1,000 residential units. Mr. Ratzon is involved in many areas of the Israeli economy, national infrastructure, and politics. He has held positions as Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Chairman of Avner insurance company and chairman of NTA, which is responsible for the construction of a light rail system in the Dan metropolitan area.

Since2009,Mr. Ratzon has served as General Manager of the Av-GadGroup.Under his management, the company initiatedthe construction ofhundreds of housing unitsin a large numberofprojects; focusing on urban renewal Mr. Ratzon holds a degree in law (LLB), as well a master's degree in Economics from the Tel Aviv University.

Mr. Geller serves as CEO of the subsidiary company Av-Gad Green and is the direct manager of many urban renewal projects. Mr. Geller joined the Av-Gad Group in 2007 as Vice President of Projects and has since overseen the construction of dozens of housing units in various projects. Since 2013, Geller has held the position of Managing Director of Av-Gad Green, where he leads the group’s urban renewal projects. Mr. Geller holds a law degree(LLB) and is completing a Master's degree in sustainable construction at Tel Aviv University.

Oded holds a B.Sc. from Ben Gurion University in Mechanical Engineering. He is currently completing a bachelor's degree in civil engineering at Ariel University. He has extensive professional and managerial experience in the field of construction and infrastructure, as project manager at "Shafir Engineering" and as a project engineer at "Baran Group" in a variety of projects in the field of energy systems, particularly natural gas systems.

 Adv. Nitzchia Lavanda - Legal counsel.  LLB from Bar-Ilan University. 

Jasmine Gilad - Company Architect. She holds a B.Arch degree from Ariel University.

Osnat Idan - Bookkeeper and Payroll Accountant. BA in Economics and Business Administration from Bar-Ilan University.

Ziva Cohen - Office Manager. Has many years of experience in managing and operating offices and logistics systems.

Eliav Dickstein - Business Development. He holds a BA in political science and communications and a Master's degree in law.

Residents Testimonials:

We thank you wholeheartedly for the attitude in the TAMA project,
Despite the difficulties you managed to accommodate all the residents,
Well done, glad you made the TAMA

Daniel Dee, tenant Hadekel 68 Tel Mond

Throughout the project, difficulties sometimes arose,

They all received a quick and professional response.

Sigal Vaknin, Hadekel 68 Tel Mond

Such a large project as ours,
We must have a company with high capabilities
And proven experience, Avgad is just like that

Tzvia Tzarfati, Ha'Atsmaut 24 Rosh Ha'Ayin

Avgad is currently implementing TAMA 38/1 project in our building in Ra'anana.
The implementation is managed to the satisfaction of the tenants and includes compliance with timetables, order and cleanliness.
The company is attentive to the requests and needs of the tenants in full.

Hanan Cohen, A tenant in the project 3 Schwarz st. Raanana

Avgad proved herself professional,
A company that knows how to deal with every obstacle facing it.
The availability and service of tenants are above expectations.

Rani Averbuch, Resident Representatives, Bar-Ilan 33 Raanana


Our 4 Step Process

Step 1: Introductory Meeting

Meeting with the company's representatives

Overview of TAMA 38

Building options for your property

Step 2: Agreement Finalizing, Sign Contracts

Finalizing an offer for your building

Planning your floor, apartment, and lobby

Signing the contracts.

tep 3: Planning and Permits

Working on building plans

Working with city & state regulators to receive permits

Receiving all final building permits

Step 4: Construction and living in the new building

Working on your building to create your new apartment

Handing over the keys to your apartment and building

New life in a new building


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